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Pill of the Week :Holy Spirit Teachings [Our Dynamic Relationship with God]

Pill of the Week: Holy Spirit Teachings

Topic: Our Dynamic Relationship with God.

Good evening, ladies, and gentlemen! How are you doing? Happy New week and a happy new month! I haven’t posted a blog piece in a while! I apologise! I apologize to God for the manner with which I treated our relationship and this assignment. Secondly, I apologize to you! Yes you! For not fulfilling my promise to you!

However, my journey back to accepting (and understanding) my calling – and other aspects and topics in my life (and that of the people around me) has led me to change a few things about Sammie’s Ministries! Watch out for more announcement in the coming weeks!

One of the first changes to the blog is the “Pill of the Week” segment of the blog. The pill of the week would not only include verses for the week but teachings of the Holy Spirit to inspire, encourage and uplift us, as we go through the ups and downs of life.

Today, we are looking at the dynamic relationship we, Christians, have with God. Before we delve into this teaching, the Holy Spirit wants us to receive our weekly dose of medicine -for our spiritual growth. This week’s pill is a reminder to put God in all things, every day of our lives! The pill teaches us to yearn to always be with and with God, enjoying our time in His presence (and in our lives). As the delivery lady, I present to you; the Pill of the week…

As Christians. we proclaim God to be the master over every aspect of our lives- no matter the circumstance. However, just few, are able to withstand the test when it comes. We have a ritual of crying out to God in the difficult times and forgetting about Him in the great times.

In many cases, i have seen people attend an average of 3 church services a week, daily prayer meeting, weekly all-night prayer services, daily Bible study sessions, etc. when they are faced with the pressures of life and/ or the schemes of the enemy. I have seen these same people make excuses that they do not have time to come to church or work on their assignment or spend time with God. I am sure many of us have been in this situation- I too have fallen a victim of this.

The past three months after graduation have been mind blowing. God has opened the flood gates over my life and it keeps getting better and better! I am amazed by this God. I realised that as I was receiving my blessings; I was slowly crowding out Christ (and my work for the mission- Sammie's Ministries). At a point, I began to tell myself that I am not in a strong relationship with God because I do not have time to write a post or read my Bible. At times, I would cry to myself; saying, "I am overwhelmed."

This is exactly the situation the enemy wants us to be in. When I made the decision to choose Christ and make Him first, the Holy Spirit began to teach me about our dynamic relationship with God. Most of the times, our relationship with God is dependent on our emotions, thoughts and feelings! We depend on these heavily when we relate with God- meaning we haven't allowed God to fully take control of our lives.

One thing the Holy Spirit drew to my attention is that, we, Christians yearn for God during our difficult time but we must be intentional and deliberate to seek God and put Him first; in the good times! And that's ok! Why? Well, in actual fact, our relationship with God is always intentional. In the bad times, we make the decision to seek God- we have the choices to take other decisions. In the good times, the same happens.

In the bad times, we yearn more for Christ because we know that we cannot do anything without His help. In the good times, the attention we receive makes us feel like we have everything in control. When that happens, we tend to draw God out of our daily plans. We look to God when we need help. We have to put it in our minds that we always need help- no matter the circumstances. This is because we are nothing without God.

Always remember to yearn for God- in the good times and bad. Its very difficult but sometimes you just have to pause and reflect- to help you to make the decision for Christ. I am in this with you; each day we are learning something great about our God and our relationship with Him. God bless you!

Have a wonderful evening and let God inspire you!

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