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Pill of the Week: Holy Spirit Teachings [Why hasn't God answered my Prayer?]

Pill of the Week: Holy Spirit Teachings

Topic: Why hasn’t God answered my prayer?

Good evening, ladies, and gentlemen. Hope you are doing well. The month of September is coming to an end. Personally, when October approaches, I am excited because my birth month is around the corner- in my mind that is! If you know my birth month, you will think that I am crazy. All in all, I just want to highlight God’s Grace and Mercy. Many of you have celebrated another birthday (many are yet to celebrate their birthdays- like myself), but God has been Faithful. He has given us life (and in fact made all things NEW for us).

A lot of us are going through various situations/ circumstances in our lives. There is an aspect of our lives (or maybe two) we think can be a bit better than normal. We have certain people we look up to jealously. For example, you are off-age, and you see proposal videos on Instagram- you wish for that badly. At times, these issues/ aspects may be very simple- this could be fashion, beauty, friendship, etc. We all go through this at one point in our lives or another!

Many people pray to God earnestly for these things. Sometimes it consumes us; neglecting all that God has done for us and blessed us with. We spend unhealthy amounts of our time on social media or “investigating” others’ lives. This causes us to put pressure on ourselves and on to God, to do same (or in most cases) better than these people (who in our opinions have it all or have everything working for them).

Honestly, nowadays, society has so many standards. There are people at the age of 19 who are independent, multimillionaires, married, parents, etc. It makes it very difficult at times; I know, I feel it too. One day, when I was down and complaining to God, the Holy Spirit asked me a few questions.

1. “Why are you comparing yourself t others?”

2. “Do you trust that God’s got your back?”

3. “Have you ever lacked anything you need?”

4. “Do you want God-backed successes or World-backed successes?”

The questions just kept coming and I slowly kept quiet. I apologized! Then the Holy Spirit taught me that we always want more and more- hugely influenced by everything that we see- because of our sin-full nature. It makes us very greedy and never content with what we have. The Holy Spirit also drew my attention to the fact that all these people work very hard and are diligent with their work. All the things we see are rewards of their hard work and diligence- these are principles many Christians do not abide by.

“If you work hard and are diligent in serving God, would He not reward you?”

The Holy Spirit went on to teach me about patience and timing. In God’s time, everything would work together for your good! God loves us and wants the best for us! He has power over everything on earth- what do you want and need that He can’t provide?

What struck me about what I learnt from the Holy Spirit is the consequences of timing. You see, if you go ahead and do stuff according to your timing or the world’s timing, you must face the consequences. Many of these people we jealously look at, are suffering the consequences of their action. Many of them have emotional issues, etc. Do we want this, or we want the consequences that comes with God’s timing- joy, peace, etc. In fact, it is in our hands. We must make the decision. I know I have taken a decision to be for Christ and look up to Him for everything and anything. What about you? What decision are you going to take?

As we think about all this, the Holy Spirit had a few verses to encourage us through this process. Without much I do, I present to you the Pill of the Week! It has been prescribed by the Holy Spirt and I’m here to deliver it to you!

I pray that this message (and the pill) will encourage you! Always remember that God loves you and He is with you! If you have any questions or you need support or a friend to talk to, I am available for a chat anytime.

Have a wonderful evening and a great rest-of-the-week!

God bless you!



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