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"Writers of the Gospel" Series: Piece 4- I want Jesus for President.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How was you day? Hope you had a great one like I did. Have you said thank you to God today for your life? If you haven't, kindly take a few minutes to do so. 

God richly bless you all for being a blessing to me and for availing yourself to be lead by the Holy Spirit. 

We are continuing the week- long series titled, "Writers of the Gospel" Series. Today's message is the fourth piece in this series. It is titled "I want Jesus for President." This piece is written by one of my good friends ( I posted one of his other pieces on tuesday). I pray that you enjoy the piece.

I want Jesus for President

Every single citizen just wants a government that will make them feel at home, come what may. It's the wish of every citizen to experience the reign of that one person that could change governance for the benefit of all, and implement policies that not only help to flourish the land, but also improves the living standards of the citizens. We've suffered enough, right from independence, with the different governments that came into power. Some came with vision to make the nation a better place, but did not last to fulfil their big dream. Others came, maybe, to enjoy the opportunity given them at the expense of the citizens. Some did their best to make the nation a " wanna live in" nation but could not last to the end of their tenure. Others simply gave up trying, due to the criticisms of suffering citizens. The time has come for new leaders to take the mantle and lead the nation. Many campaigns have come and gone, convincing citizens to vote for their candidate and giving promises that might not be fulfilled. We all want to move forward, yes! We all want jobs, yes! We all want a better Ghana, yes! Or even having a country going green, wonderful! But at the end of it all, only one stands. ...for many are called, but few are chosen... Campaigns may be over, but allow me to introduce my last candidate for election. He's JESUS. I want JESUS for president. He's someone who will fight for His people until the end. No matter the criticisms He faces, He's as strong as a rock to stand. I want JESUS for president. He's someone who never promises to fail. All of His promises are true, and every word He says, He will do. I want JESUS for president. He's someone whose love never fails. His love is so genuine that He would suffer, even to death, for His people to have a fulfilled life. To be a president, love should lead. He is love, so he's very qualified. I want JESUS for president. Is it diseases, illness or infirmities? Just trust Him to heal you. He's The Healer. He healed many who were blind, deaf, lame, and is still healing more. By His stripes, we were healed. I want JESUS for president. Is it peace we need? He's the Prince of peace. Which means, peace is His nature. I want JESUS for president. Is it the need for water we're craving for? He's the living water. When you drink from this water, you'll never thirst again. I want JESUS for president. Is it freedom from "dumsor" we need? He's the Brightest Morning Star, forever radiating light wherever He goes. I want JESUS for president. Are you needy? He shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory. I want JESUS for president. Is it protection you need? He shall give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways. In their hands they shall bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone. I want JESUS for president. Tired of the burden you carry? Tired of the labor? He says come to Him and He'll give you rest. He's willing to give you an easy yoke and a light burden in exchange for yours. I want JESUS for president. What do you need to be saved from? He's The Savior! The author of salvation. I want JESUS for president. Are you looking for a man of knowledge and experience? He's The One who was, is and is to come. He's been through the system for long, so He knows every hidden secret that can make a nation better. I want JESUS for president. Looking for someone who is gentle at heart but has authority to rule? Even the storm listens to His command and remains still. at the mention of His name, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is LORD... Are you looking for someone who has your needs at heart? Someone who cares? He says cast your burdens to Him for He cares for you. One who, from a wealthy home, left all He had and owned, to live like a commoner so that He could meet the needs of the people He loves. He's the Lily of the valley. He's the fairest of ten thousands. There's none like Him. He's the beginning and the end. He knows the end from the beginning, so He sure knows how to lead the nation to its expected and glorious end. As you go to vote, remember that there's one man who needs you to vote Him into power to lead you. He's been asking you to give Him a chance for sometime now, and I believe He's waited long enough. Give Him that chance now! Don't forget, the name is JESUS! And He's the best man for the job! 

Nana Yaw Akuffo-Ensaw 

I hope you enjoyed this creative piece. Once again I would like to emphasize on the fact that a walk with Christ is a personal one. Everyone's way is not wrong.. equally' every one is wrong. Be true toyourself and let God use you. He has something great for you.

Kindly remember to send all.messages you have for the writers. Kindly add your email to allow easy communication. God bless.

- Have a wonderful day and let God inspire you!

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