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TUESDAY TIPS- What is YOUR Definition of FAITH?

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! How are you all doing? Hope you had a lovely day yesterday? I am very sorry for not posting yesterday. Today, there would be a double dose. Watch out for another post later on today. Today, we would be looking at Faith and how it relates to each one of us.

To begin, I will define what Faith is. Well, Faith is believing in what you do not see. For example, we have faith that Christ died on the cross and has taken away all our sins. We have not seen this act. However, the Bible (God’s Word), tells us about this. We believe it because we have been told.

As we go through life, there are many times we want God to do something for us. When we ask Him for something or to solve something, we know He is going to do it. We anticipate the result. We know it may not be an immediate response or solution; we know that it will surely come to pass. In all of this, we are exercising Faith.

Every day, we are exercising Faith because we have so many requests. Not only that, without Faith we as humans would not be able to survive. God is so merciful; so many people abuse the Faith. For example, we have abused faith so much so that when we sleep God would protect us; we don’t pray before we sleep. What are some of things you take for granted? Take time and think about these things. Can you change some of these habits?

Moving on, did you know that everyone has their own definition of Faith? You might be wondering how? Well, let’s take a look at it. God has made everyone different. Some people take more risks than others. Some people are brainy; others are techy. Well, in that same way; everyone has their own way of exercising Faith.

Let’s take a look at an example. Imagine that you need a car and a house? You have enough money to get only one. What would you do? You will need Faith from God to be able to trust that you would get both the car and the house. Think about it? What will you do?

Someone would exercise faith by buying a house and praying to God for the money to buy a car. Another person would buy a car and pray to God for a house. Another would split the money and pray to God; asking Him to help with the completion of payment for both items. Another would just keep the money and have faith until s/he gets enough money to acquire both.

What would you have done? Have you noticed that each person would take a different decision? Well, that is because we have all defined what faith means to us and to exercise it. This is a good thing. God has made it that way. So, know yourself, do not copy someone else’s definition of faith. Follow yours! Be true to yourself! God made it that way for a reason!

Do not bring others down for the way they exercise their faith. Your way is not their way. I see a lot of Christian parents, trying to enforce their definition of Faith on their children or other family members. This is wrong. Allow them to choose their definition of faith. It is through this that God makes awesome miracles. Most importantly, this walk with Christ is an independent one. Each person defines how they want the relationship. Do not impose anything on others! The Word is available to direct each person. Check on others; so that they are following what the Word says. Do not impose!

Now, I will give a mini- assignment. I would like each and every one of you reading this post to take time off and have a conversation with yourself. Find out what your definition of faith is. Find out the definition of your walk with God. Make a plan to follow it and you will see that being a child of God is the best experience and status to have.

  • Have a wonderful day and let God inspire you!

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