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#TimeAtHisFeet- A Sammie's Daily Dose Event

Hello Everyone! Sammie's Daily Dose is organising an event dubbed, "Time At His Feet!" Just as the name suggests, we would be spending quality time with God on that day.

The Theme is "Word. Worship.Prayer." We would be spending six hours listen to his Word and meditating on it, Give Him all the praises and worship He deserves and lastly, communicating with Him.

I promise that this day is going to be awesome! You do not want to miss this opportunity to be at the feet of God. You will learn new things and open many doors as well. I will like to encourage you to be there.

The link for registration would be sent out soon! I hope and pray that if you are in Accra, Ghana or anywhere else in Ghana; you will make it a point to fill the form and come for the event.

The event will be taking place on Saturday, 31st August 2019. The last Saturday in the month of August.

For everyone who does not live in Ghana; do not be sad! We have thought of you! On the day of the event, we would be streaming live from our Facebook and Instagram feed! Yes! You all can join in and be blessed! Halleujah!

Hope to see you all at the event! Thank you. God bless you!

Call for Volunteers

If you are currently in Accra or its surrounding areas and you will like to be a volunteer on the day of the event; kindly fill the form on the link below. Thank you very much for dedicating your time and effort to this program. God richly bless you!

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