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The month of JULY: Time to go back to God!

Topic: Time to go back to God!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! How are you all doing? I am blessed and highly favored. Happy new month everyone! We have successfully crossed the first half of the year; we begin the second half today! Are you excited about it? I am! God has taken me through the first half of the year. I trust and I know that He will take me through the second half (and many more years to come)! Today’s message is one to encourage you! Most importantly, it one to help you to reflect on your life.

Well, as we enter into a new month and as we begin this second half, I would like us to take a few minutes to reflect on our lives. This week, I would like to ask that we get into a prayerful mood.

First of all, I would like us to go through the resolutions we made for the year, 2019. Take each resolution and reflect on the first half of the year! Have you achieved any? Have you made progress on some? Are there any that you have not been able to cross out of the list?

Next, make three separate lists: one with your resolutions that you have checked off your list, another with the resolutions that you have seen some progress and lastly, a list of the resolutions that you are yet to achieve. Take each list and pray about it.

The first list, thank God for all He has done for you. Thank Him for His Grace and Mercies; for all the victories He has helped you to achieve. For the second list, thank God for all He has done so far! Ask Him to help you to complete the process. Lastly, take the last list. Take each point at a time! Pray to God to help you to achieve these!

After this, I would like to ask that you in God’s presence! In everything you do, remember to God! Give Him thanks and the glory! Where would without Him! As we enter into this second half, I would like to urge you to set new goals for yourself spiritually! God is not done with what He’s doing. It’s just the beginning. God is going to blow your mind this month. It is time to submit fully submit to God! Once you do, you will begin to grow more and more in God! You will begin to see many differences in your life! Hallelujah!

This message is a very short one that the Holy Spirit laid on my heart to share with you! I pray that we would all embark in this activity. Once we do, we would be ready and charged for the rest of the year. We would have renewed and revitalized our minds, bodies and souls to God. We have set the foundation to success this second half. Most importantly, we would be closer to God! We would recognize that we are nothing without Him. Hallelujah!

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