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Topic: 5 steps to command your year (2021)- Step 4 (Prayer)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Happy New Year! Today’s message is the first, in the new year! Here at Sammie’s Ministries (with direction from the Holy Spirit), have declared 2021 as “The year of New Beginnings!” I pray that you all have a wonderful year of breakthroughs and great testimonies! On that note, the aim of this post is to explain and provide some guidelines for the fourth step in our series.

So far in this series, we have explored the first three steps- REVIEW, REFLECTION and HIGHLIGHT. We have seen how each step is dependent on one another! All of them are important and essential when commanding your year! The fourth step is PRAYER. Why do you think prayer is important?

Well, prayer is important because it is direct communication with God. Prayer, though not the only medium to communicate with God, it is one of the very effective! It is important that we pray committing the year into God’s hands! It is important that we present all our plans, thoughts and aspirations (for the new year) into God’s hands! It is important to present all your strengths and weakness to God! Why is it important? Well, primarily, our lives are not our own! We are on earth as messengers and servants of God! It is important that we commit ourselves, our thoughts and plans, to our Father and Maker! He has all the power over all the heavens and the earth! With God all this are possible (as long as they are Christ-like)!

In his step, we are going to start by putting together a list of prayer topics! The first topics you must put down are the things/ items you have down under your HIGHLIGHTS! These are strengths, weaknesses, character traits, etc. that were very significant over the past year. After writing out all those topics and themes, write out the things you would like to achieve or attain in the year. Write out what you will like to achieve academically, career-wise, maritally, friendship, financially, physically (health), mentally, spiritually and family (in no particular order).

Well, that’s not all! Next, you will have to come up with a daily prayer plan! For each day of the week, dedicate certain topics (and people) to pray about (and for). Please be realistic when putting together this plan! Know your schedule and what works with you! Christianity is not a race nor is it a platform to impress others or gain attention! It is an individual walk with God! He looks out for dedication and consistency! God does not look out for fake or lukewarm people! Be true to yourself- if you know you can tackle one topic per day or two topics per day, please stick to that!

This daily prayer plan must be scheduled based on priority and timelines for the topics. This is because the plan can be adjusted! We plan our prayers so that we have a guide as we go through the year! However, as we go through life, things come our way and we update the prayer plan! Circumstances, dreams, direction from God, etc. are some of the things that may cause your prayer plan to change!

So the main question is “how is this step done?” Just like the previous three steps, move to a quiet, well-lit area (preferably behind a desk). First thing to do is to say a prayer committing the session into God’s care. The opening prayer must include (and it is not restricted to):

1. Thanking God for life.

2. Thanking God for the year (His Abundant Grace and Mercies upon your life throughout the year).

3. Commit the session into God’s care.

4. Ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance (and assistance)

5. Ask for an open mind and heart.

After the prayer, open a fresh page in your notebook! Write out the date at the top right corner of the page. Next, write out the title “Prayer List- 2021” on the middle of the first line. After a few lines, begin to write out the prayer topics. After writing each topic/ theme, draw a box/ rectangle around the word/ phrase. After the list is done, flip over to another fresh page in your notebook. Write out the date and title (“Daily Prayer Plan”), just like it is outlined, a few sentences above. Now, divide the sheet into two. The left column will be dedicated to the days of the week and the right column dedicated to the prayer topics (for morning and night).

Tip: -

Begin the prayer list and the daily prayer plan with topics/ themes from the Highlights step. Next, develop a list based on the things you are good at and want to keep up with in the new year. Then, focus on the things you want to work on!

Sammie’s Ministries has put together a workbook that contains all the templates need to complete the 5 steps in this series! In the workbook, there are some bonus materials too! There are templates for Bible Study, Quiet Time, etc. Watch out for the workbook (and other new items- a planner and declaration posters) out this Friday! Order yours now- via WhatsApp on
(+233) 26 437 9848.

Have a wonderful evening and let God inspire you! God bless you all!



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