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Pill of the Week

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? I hope you are having a wonderful week (so far) and a beautiful month! Sammie’s Daily Dose has been quiet for a while! We apologize for the inconsistencies! We are hoping to get our groove back very soon! Please continue to support the blog by reading past posts; sharing and liking them- there are over 350 posts available of the Sammie’s Daily Dose page on our website. Also, please remember to say a prayer for the ministry- God richly bless you!

Righteous Living = Fulfilled living

As Christians, we are always thinking about how we are supposed to live our lives! Would dressing a certain way be pleasing to God? Do I follow my ideologies and my feelings? So many different questions slap us rudely each day; in one way or another! The simple answer is to go back to God’s Word! Yes! This might be a very cliché answer; however, it is the only way. Why? Well, as you spend time with the Word, the Holy Spirit teaches you! In that process you are being renewed into Christ’s likeness. Your mind, body and soul begin to change! This would affect your way of living! You will be living a righteous life! You will be living a Christ-like life! You will be living a new life in Christ! In such a circumstance, with the help of the Holy Spirit, you will begin to know the right decisions to make concerning your lifestyle.

Importantly, do not think that you are missing out on anything! This is because “they” are the ones missing out not you! The world would soon regret not following Christ! How do we know this for a fact? Well, God tells us so in His Word! He tells us to keep our minds focused on living a righteous life; and He would reward us with all we desire.

With that, we present to you the pill of the week. We pray that this pill blesses you and encourages you!

God richly bless you! Have a wonderful week!



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