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Pill of the Week!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Another wonderful will is upon us, again! In addition to that, today is the last day in the month of November. Though this year has been a tough one, it has gone by quite quickly. December is here! Are you ready for the new month- the month dedicated for the celebration of Christ's birth? Most importantly, are you ready for a new year? With all that this year has taught us, what are you going to do differently in 2021? What are you going to change about your relationship with God? Are there areas you are struggling with in your relationship with God? What are you going to do about it?

These are a few of the important questions we must think about; as we prepare for a new year! As we sit down to write our "resolutions", remember all that God has done for you! Remember your journey before and after accepting Christ into your life! Remember 2020- surviving a global pandemic, etc. What God has done in your life is countless! Don't you think it's time to concentrate on nurturing and building an even stringer relationship with Him?

Well, in the our preparation(s) to enter into a new month (and particularly, a new year), The Holy Spirit wants to draw our minds to one thing:

Vengeance (against the enemy) is coming soon!

This 2020, God wants to clear the road for us! He is giving us a clear/ fresh slate to start a new journey with Him and in Him! [Have you seen the new Sammie's Scribes collection? Well, we have put together some tools to help you; as you embark #AnewJourney with God. Check out the full collection on Sammie's Scribe's page at the end of the week!]

This week's pill; reminds us of God's goodness! The Holy Spirit wants to encourage you, as you prepare to end this year, that, every thing the enemy did to harm/destroy you (and/or your destiny) this year; God is taking vengeance! This coming year is your year to shine- if, and only if, you continue to stay grounded and dedicated to God. The enemy has had enough wins! It's time for you to shine! God is going to make sure of that! So as you go through the week, and celebrate the (joyous) moment of the Christmas season; know that the enemy's time is up! The enemy is not going to control your life with countless battles and strongholds! God has taken over the wheels!

My dear brother and sister in Christ, the pill prescribed by The Holy Spirit is ready for consumption. I pray that it encourages you and gives you hope. Know that God is faithful! He was able to seek vengeance for His people in the days of Esther! He will do the same for you and I- His children.

Ready for the pill? Here you go:

Have a wonderful evening and let God inspire you!

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